Unlearn to Unleash for Ages 11+ to 16 years


Unlearn to Unleash – Art class for 11+ years

Unlearn to Unleash is our Advance Art and Portfolio making program for students 11+ years and up. Students taking this class must have completed at least one session of our Challenge to Create program or received a clearance by the instructor to take on this program of self-discovery, individual observations, unique mind set and customized artistic growth and development of students.

In this program students work on mastering their artistic skills ranging from drawing, shading to creating 3D visual artwork based on their imagination and creativity. Students learn advance techniques of advanced techniques of art making such as bleed-through paint technique, printing, mosaic making along with the traditional medium of charcoal, watercolors, and acrylic painting. Students enjoy the challenges and joys of creating ‘original’ works of art while developing observation and problem-solving skills. It offers the space where our students have one on one conversation with our experienced Art Instructors and undertake sustained investigation. During the class, students get trained in expressing their ideas artistically using advance techniques as they see things in real life and translate it to the world of visual arts.

Benefits – Expression of Artistic Eye and self-expression, portfolio preparation for college. Confident in creating new ideas and undertake visual art study with artistic skill set.



New student requires to pay the registration fee. If you have been taking classes at creative hands then there is no registration fee. This is strictly an enrollment fee and does not cover cost of the program

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Advanced Art Fundamentals Class Includes

  • Mastering of Basic Elements and Principles of Fine Art Program
  • Community Outreach program through art engagement
  • Volunteer hours for our non-profit Creative Buddies
  • Preparation of Portfolio
  • Use of Art Mediums such as pencil renderings, charcoal, oil pastel, dry pastel and acrylic

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Spring 2024: March 25th to June 15th, Winter 2024: January 8 to March 23

Day and Times

Mon 5:45 PM – 7:15 PM, Thu 5:45 PM – 7:15 PM

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