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Get Messy: 90 Min Pottery / Wheel Throwing Class

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Turn your creative ideas into impressive and useful pieces in our ceramics classes. Learn how to center clay on the wheel, throw it into simple forms, and use tools to shape your thrown cylinders, bowls, and plates. Create functional and decorative pieces with a variety of hand-building techniques. Learn tips and techniques for firing and glazing your clay creations into finished pieces. Build on your mastery of these basic techniques to improve your control and express your artistic ideas more effectively

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This class offers in depth knowledge and hands on experience throwing on the pottery wheel. You will learn basic skills of wedging clay, centering, raising and shaping basic forms. Step-by-step demonstration allows students to familiarize with the wheel and able to sit down and go through the process of throwing. All materials, tools and supplies will be given to use in the studio. You get to take home your very own handmade pot.

How the Workshop conducted?
1) Get your hands messy with 90 minutes of pottery workshop ideal for beginner or experience potter. This class is also ideal for those who wants to join our weekly pottery classes but wants to try first.
2) You will experience how to throw cylinder or pot on a pottery wheel
3) Instructor will explain process of making pottery
4) We will provide all tools and supply including clay
5) The instructor will give a step by step demonstration and guide you about how to center the clay on wheel, pulling cylinder and forming pot from cylinder
6) After clean up you can take your piece home or come back for glazing with additional charge


Additional information


Get Messy Workshop Includes:
Get your hands muddy with our 90 min pottery workshop. Workshop includes :
1) Introduction (5 mins)
2) Wedging/Kneading clay. (10 mins)
3) Pottery wheel operation and step by step demonstration of wheel throwing on centering, raising and shaping basic forms (10mins)
4) Hands on  experience making of pottery bowl (50 mins)
5) Pottery Wheel & tools cleaning. (15 mins)


Making Pottery involves many steps like trimming, firing in kiln to make bisque, glazing and firing again to make ceramics. After throwing on wheels, you can take green ware with you or with additional charges as below you can choose to fire or glaze your piece. You will need to come back for glazing

Bisque Firing process: $5
Glazing & Firing: $15



What is the appropriate attire for the class ?

Proper clothing required for this class.  Clay is easily removable from cloths. We will also provide apron for you to wear , but its a get messy class so wear appropriately. Clay can get in your figure nails if its not trimed

Cancellation/ Reschedule

Book your class online below. Select the date and time that works for you. Call us @ 425 -939-2255 or email us at [email protected] to cancel or reschedule your class. There will be additional charge of $15 change or cancellation of a class within 5 days of the class scheduled date. Same day cancellation will be $20 per person No show will be charged $20 immediately and we will redeem the voucher immediately for no show.

All other customers, no show will result in forfeit of the amount paid for the class. Reschedule or cancellation within 5 days will be charged $ 15  and same day cancellation/reschedule will be $20. No exception to this policy.

Price listed above are per person

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