90 Min Pottery Classes (Wheel Throw and Hand building):


If you cannot make it to scheduled class for whatever reason, it is best to give your booking to your friends or family. This way you don't have to pay cancellation charge or forfeit your payment.

        • No cancellation or rescheduling fee if request made 7 or more days before schedule date
        • Regular Cancellation policy Applies. No refund or rescheduling for same day cancellation.
        • No Show will automatically forfeit their payment or voucher
        • Class cancelled or rescheduled within 7 days will be $25 per person. No cancellation or reschedule on same day.


        • Minimum 5 days require for cancellation or rescheduling without any fee (Normally 7 days)
        • Cancellation fees will be reduced to 50%.  (Normally $20/person within 7 days and $25/person same day cancellation). This policy applies for the Promotional Voucher holder as well. If fees not paid customers agrees to forfeit their voucher.

Firing and Glazing Policy:

        •  We cannot hold pieces more than 45 days. No refund will be issues for not coming to pick up your pieces in time.
        •  No partial refund for glazing for not coming back to finish the glazing
        • We can hold the pieces longer but we do need customer to send pictures of their pieces and must specify date on when they will come to finish or pick up their project
        • Pieces can get break during firing and its normal in some cases. We will do our best to provide you another piece or have you make another piece in our studio for free of charge.
        • customer required to come back within 3-5 weeks of bisque fire to glaze their piece

ART Classes And Birthday Parties:


We are starting online classes and customer will be able to make up the classes missed if signed up for next session. No refund will be issued

Birthday Parties:

        • No refund for deposit will be issued if party is booked on or after 3/10/2020.
        • Party booked prior to 3/10/2020 will be credited ($40) of non refundable deposit. Credit can be used for any other classes or activity.


Policies for Children's Art classes

 Below are our policies for after school classes and Winter/Spring break camps. Unless mentioned otherwise, policies apply to all these programs. 

Tuition: Only completed and signed registrations that are submitted with the applicable tuition will be processed to secure a spot. Payment is by check or cash only, made payable to Creative Hands Art School and due week before the next month start.  

 Registration Fee: There is a one time $35 per student or $50 per family registration fee. Cousins/Friends are not considered family registration. Following classes are subject to registration

  • Art Camps (If there is a single school holiday and if you sign up for one day camp then there is no registration charge. However, if you sign up for a single day camp, during the school break (Winter, Mid winter, Spring, Summer) then registration will be charged even if you have only signed up for one day camp.
  • After School Art Classes (Fall, Spring, Winter and Summer Sessions)
  • Pottery Monthly Classes
  • No Registration fee for following classes
    • 90 Min pottery
    • Parent and Me
    • Adult paint and sip
    • Resin Art Adult workshop
    • Kids Nights
  • Exception to one time registration fee: Student is allowed a break of one session without being charge registration fee. One session is roughly equivalent to 3 months. If you have a break of more than 3 months, you will be charged the re-enrollment fee of $20. There is no exception to this policy.

Absences, Refunds & Credits:  

Total 2 Credit for 11 week and 1 credit for 8 week session will be given for missed class. There are no cash refunds. If your child is absent, we cannot prorate tuition or offer make up classes for any other Session, Monthly or Individual classes. No refund or credit is given to students who are dismissed from the program due to behavioral issues.  Make up class can only be taken during the scheduled make up class or if we have space available in any other class. We offer once a month make up class.

 Changes: We will make every effort to accommodate your request. If classes are full for the class or break camp you request, we will call you to discuss alternatives.  

 Attendance: Creative Hands Studio prides itself on offering a structured program with a curriculum and lesson plans that include a schedule of instruction and work periods. These all work together to help students achieve creative productivity. We are not an open studio. If your child arrives late, leaves early or misses days, they will possibly miss out on finishing their project, or they may have trouble catching up to their peers. This can be distressing to most children. Please try to send your child to all the sessions they sign up for and minimize late arrivals and early departures. We appreciate it! 

 Insufficient Registration: We reserve the right to cancel a class or break camp session if there is insufficient enrollment. If this happens, we will return your tuition. 

 Photography: By participating, registrant agrees that any artwork and image of themselves or their child(ren) may be used by The Creative Hands Art    School and may      be included on the website, blog, portfolio and other promotional materials relating to The Creative Hands Art School activities and programs. 

 Arrival/Departure Times: 

Please note the start and finish times of your child’s class or camp.  

 Sign-in/Sign-Out: For break camps, please remember to sign your child in and out each day on the clipboard outside the classroom. This is for your child’s security; we must insist on your cooperation! 

 Behavior: We have a seriously creative approach to art; please attend with a focused attitude. Bullying or other disruptive behavior Creative Hands Studio. If your child cannot control their behavior, we will contact you and require you to pick up your child immediately. There is no refund or credit for a child asked to leave the program for behavioral reasons 

 NSF Checks: A $40 fee will be charged for any insufficient funds check. We regret to say that the $40 charge will accrue for each time we submit or resubmit the check. Repayment must be in the form of a cashier's check or cash, and include the original class fee amount plus the NSF fee(s). 

 Cancellation: One month advance notice requires for the cancellation(Only for ART Classes, please refer to individual section for each activity type). There is no partial refund for 11 or 8 Week Sessions

CAMPS (Summer or any school Break)

All registration with online payment or check payments are final and must comply with refund and cancellation policy. Check payment for the camp doesn't mean you are not signed up and require payment immediately.

Q:  My son/daughter has been taking class from your studio for a while now, do I get any extra discount at camps?
Sure, a $35 registration fee waived. If you sign up as an Early Bird(60 days before camp start day) you will get a 10% discount

Q:   If we send in our registration with Check Payment, is our spot automatically saved?
Yes, you would need to pay online or in person. Your registration is final and all cancellation and refund policy applies even though you selected check payment and haven’t yet mad the payment.

Q:   What if we miss the Early Bird Date, can we still get the registration fee waived and 10% discount?
You can get the registration fee $35 waived if you are a returning student.  You can get a 10% discount if you sign up two siblings together.

Q:   Are there any fees to take a break for the summer or any month?
We totally understand you need a break. There is a $20 re-enrollment fee, which is waived if you are only gone 1 session (3 months) and pay full tuition in advance.

Q: Can I change a camp week?

Yes, You can given we still have space available. Also, there will be $50 admin fee per student per camp.

Cancellation & Downgrade Policy

  • Camp Cancellation & Downgrade Policy

    • You may cancel your registration until 2 weeks before the first day of all camp start(June 5th for Summer camp and 2 weeks before the start date of camp for any other school break camps).There is a cancellation  fee of $50/Child/Week and downgrade fee is $35/Child/Person and we will refund the payment minus applicable fees.
    • No Camp refunds will be given 2 weeks before first camp date (June 5th is last day for cancellation  or downgrade for any summer camp week and 2 weeks before the start date of camp for any other school break camps), after that only credit will be given. credit can be transferred to other programs such as session classes, birthday parties or workshops and must use within 2 months, at $50 admin fee/student/week.
    • If a camp cancelled by Creative Hands Art School, due to less than three children signing up, we will refund you the entire amount and notify you at least 4 calendar days before your scheduled camp day.  For summer camps, we will notify you at least 15 calendar days before your scheduled camp day.

    Registration Fee: There is a one time $35 per student or $50 per family registration fee for new students. Cousins/Friends are not considered family registration.

Trial Class Policy

Submission of the registration form constitutes the registrants or free class acceptance of all of following terms and conditions.

Only one trail class is offered per student.

1) Registrant assumes all risks and hazards incidental to participating in The Creative Hands Art School classes, programs and activities.

2) Registrant hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless The Creative Hands Art School, and its employees, supervisors, participants and instructors for any claim arising out of any injury, damage, or personal loss incurred to registrant or registrant's child(ren) in connection with the other consequences that may arise or result directly or indirectly from participation in these activities.

3) By participating, registrant agrees that any artwork and image of themselves or their child(ren) may be used by The Creative Hands Art School and may be included on the website, blog, portfolio and other promotional materials relating to The Creative Hands Art School activities and programs.

4) In the event of unreasonable conduct, we reserve the unconditional right to terminate a student’s participation with us.

Pottery and Paint and Sip Classes (90 Min Get Messy Pottery Wheel Throw and Clay Hand Building Classes, BYOB Paint and Sip):

No Show:

No Refund for no show


Cancellation allowed 7 days prior to the booked class without any fees. Class cancelled or rescheduled within 7 days, requires $25 per person fee. Class cancelled on same day of the class is $25 per person.

Groupon/Living Social Voucher Holder:

No Show will automatically redeems the vouchers. Customer cannot asked for refund. Change and Cancellation policy applies. If customer do not pay the chance/cancellation fees, we reserve the right to redeem your voucher.

Expired Groupon:

We do accept expired voucher. Instead of charging you full expired value, we will charge $5 per person for expired Groupon.