Fine Art Class for Ages 3+ to 4


Our beginner program is designed for young artists to be able to express their ideas fully. They learn basic shapes and different types of lines to create a composition of their choice. Students will use and get acquainted with how to use oil pastels, acrylic paints and charcoal. They learn basic drawing, cutting paper and coloring skills. Students make different artworks such as collage, mix media, canvas painting projects. This program builds an unprecedented confidence in students by engaging themselves in art making activity.

Choose from 4, 9 or 11 classes. Class meets once a week for an hour.

Holidays: Fall 2022 Session Nov 21-27 (thanksgiving week) and Winter 2023 Session February 20-25 (mid-winter break)



New student requires to pay the registration fee. If you have been taking classes at creative hands then there is no registration fee. This is strictly an enrollment fee and does not cover cost of the program

Student Info

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Student Learn

  • How to draw basic shapes
  • How to color
  • How to see things differently
  • Use of materials
  • Use of Art Mediums such as pencil renderings, charcoal, oil pastel, dry pastel and acrylic
Additional information
Session Dates

Spring 2023: April 17th to June 17th

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