Explore to Express for Ages 3+ to 4 years


Explore to Express is one of our foundational programs and a favorite of Ms Rinkle Shah, PhD for children 3+ to 5 years of age for their artistic growth. It offers the space of artistic exploration and confidence to the youngest artists. During the class, students get to be hands-on with different art medium and produce a masterpiece to bring home.

A typical class is guided by our fun loving and patient art instructor and they work with a range of supplies such as different types of paper, canvas, clay, and other coloring medium. Students from where they are and what they know begin to learn how to draw a composition using basic shapes and color using different coloring materials, discover different textures and techniques and express their ideas using fine art vocabulary.

This program has 3 categories and runs for 1-2 years followed by other age appropriate and curriculum grounded visual art programs of Creative Hands Studio. The class instructor usually lets the parents know when their child is ready for the next level. Parents can sign up the student at that time to Mingle to Muse Class.

Benefits – Experience the process of artistic creation and social skills in a group setting, Improved motor skills, Hand-eye co-ordination, Ability to draw and color with confidence, Develop imagination and Inner creativity.



New student requires to pay the registration fee. If you have been taking classes at creative hands then there is no registration fee. This is strictly an enrollment fee and does not cover cost of the program

Student Info

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Student Learn

  • How to draw basic shapes
  • How to color
  • How to see things differently
  • Use of materials
  • Use of Art Mediums such as pencil renderings, charcoal, oil pastel, dry pastel and acrylic
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Session Dates

Spring 2024: March 25th to June 15th, Winter 2024: Jan 8th to March 21st

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