Expressive ARTS Program


Come along and widen your range of play and imagination, experience the therapeutic power of art, learn expressive arts therapy principles, explore art modalities and gain creative confidence!

– Widen your range of play and imagination

– Experience the therapeutic power of art

– Learn expressive arts therapy principles

– Explore art modalities and gain creative confidence

Session Dates: Oct 14th to Dec 16th (No Class Thanksgiving Week)

Feedback from different participants from the Spring Session:

“Your adult expressive arts program was awesome. Going forward I want to be in every single one!”

“I just loved my time here to discover my inner self that I never knew before.”

“I am going to join Fall Session and I am inviting my friend to join too. These classes are so deeply meaningful”



What is Expressive Arts?

Expressive Arts (EXA), based on expressive arts therapy principles, believes in the power of therapeutic aesthetics — that is, art that is not in museums or music halls, but that which leaves a mark on day to day life and needs. EXA focuses firstly not on technical skill or mastery of an ability, but on potential, possibilities, and embodiment. It engages in art or play by trusting that something will emerge and that this emergent will speak in some way to day to day life. Rather than interpretations of play or prescriptive therapy, EXA leaves room for aesthetically responding to life by art-making, walking through the process of how the image came to be, and making observations of what emerges. It is when we harvest meaning from these observations that we realize that the art speaks, in some degree, to our habitual life experience and concerns.

Why Expressive Arts?

Feeling inadequate or not qualified to make art or to be called an artist? Believe that art helps to portray what is unable to be spoken through words? Looking for ways to be wholly yourself? Want to be equipped with a method of finding new ways to deal with concerns? Seeking new ways to be creative or looking to quench the desire to create? Practicing Expressive Arts will help draw out your innate capacity to create, respond to, and discover the world. It will give you an opportunity to widen your range of play and imagination capacity. EXA is a way to approach conflict resourcefully by equipping you with tools to explore, acknowledge and navigate a concern or task. It defines what is not verbally translatable. EXA is an approach for those in helping professions as well as for anyone with the capacity to create. That’s you!

What will EXA classes look like?

In each 1.5 hour session, I will lead you through activities and/or prompts to draw, paint, write in ways that bolden your creative confidence! Participants may spend time getting sensitized to different art modalities, create images of feelings or other unexplainable thoughts, and be absorbed in the process of art-making! You will be introduced to the principles of EXA and experience how one may delve deep into alternative space and find more clarity to thought processes. You may be called to work independently, with a partner, or as a group – Ms. Won

Won is a visual artist and social worker pursuing her certificate in Expressive Arts with European Graduate School. She is interested in empowering young minds to recognize their creative confidence and loves brewing spaces for them to make mistakes, learn, embody and express themselves whole. She has worked with youth in NYC schools, volunteered a year in Indonesia, and is a school counselor since returning back home to Seattle four years ago. She’s been with Creative Hands since 2021 and is super excited to offer this new class!

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Oct 14th to Dec 16th

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SAT 9 AM to 10:30 AM

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