What We Provide

We offer consultations for the following:
  • Interior design
  • Renovation or adaptation projects
  • Selections for colors and materials

We also offer services for furniture selection and landscape design within residential settings. This is especially our area of expertise, and we are focused on creating spaces that resonate with those inhabiting the space.
We also offer design services through basic design proposals, working drawings, 3D renderings, and perspective sketches. We complete the projects with customized artwork provided by the interior designer.

What to Expect

An interior or landscape design consultation will typically have the following workflow:

  1. Initial consultation at the on-site in order to assess the client’s needs for individual spaces and the scope of work based on the budget.
  2. The project will be planned for execution based on the scope of work.
  3. Selections for colors, materials, furniture, furnishings, and various accessories will take place as required.
  4. Customized, handmade artwork for a final touch.

The client may request any of the above services for a project.

Why Us

With a doctorate research on the role of a home for a person with disability to cohabitate, Dr. Rinkle Shah is an expert on design services. She will not only prepare the built environment to work for specialized needs, but also make it beautiful and stylish through our simple design solutions.
This research also emphasizes the role of a built environment which we as human beings usually take for granted. We are unaware of how much the walls, windows, doorways, or steps affect and impact us in our everyday lives. We want to beautifully present this awareness to our clients and mold the spaces to work for the users of a space through our design service.
Specialized designs can be provided to account for children, adults with or without disabilities, seniors, and more. Our designs are a reflection of oneself, one’s family, and one’s identity as a person and a member of the family.

Check out here for more information about Rinkle’s professional and academic work portfolio.
We thank you for your time and consideration of our services,


Creative Hands Studio