Messy with Clay: 90 min Pottery Class


Explore working with Clay – Experience your body, hands and fingers in a whole new way !


40% off for our current student or parent of current student only. Past student do not qualify. You must be enroll in current winter session to qualify for discount. Use code MESSY40

This class offers in depth knowledge and hands on experience throwing on the pottery wheel. You will learn basic skills of wedging clay, centering, raising and shaping basic forms. Step-by-step demonstration allows students to familiarize with the wheel and able to sit down and go through the process of throwing. All materials, tools and supplies will be given to use in the studio. You get to take home your very own handmade pot.

What to expect:

First fifteen minutes of the class: Introduction on clay, tools and how to use the pottery wheel demo.

Following 90 minutes: Hands-on working time for all students

Last fifteen minutes: Cleanup time for everyone and take home a unique ceramic piece made by your own hands.

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  • Pottery Class
    January 31, 2018
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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