Resin - Fluid Art Workshop - December 20

Resin Fluid Art is an innovating paint pouring technique that is a process of Exploration and Discovery.  Join us to Create your Abstract Contemporary Art Piece full of Intricate Colorful Patterns. Whether you are a beginner in the field of art or an artist - you will thoroughly enjoy this workshop.  As individual self-expression, each participant gets to select upto 5 colors from the choice of more than 50 options.

What to expect in this workshop:

Use of studio facility for two hours with your choice of materials and supplies.

Step by Step instructions on how to create an unique resin artwork using fluid method.

Learn two-three different techniques of pouring resin on the panel and implement them yourself during the workshop.

Materials and Supplies included:

  • Aprons
  • 16" x 20" Wooden Panel
  • Resin Pouring Material
  • Paints, Pigments, Inks, Glitters of more than 50 choices
  • Selection of up to 5 colors
  • Use of necessary supplies
  • Curing time of 24 hours
  • Pick up of your Resin Artwork after one day of the workshop

Signup online to join this workshop. Come with ideas or just as a blank canvas ready to explore. It is our promise that each participant who attends the workshop will leave the studio with beautiful memories of creating a beautiful artwork and a unique Art Piece to adore.


Parent & Me Paint December 27th

The winter inspired picture here is a reference painting for this workshop.  Paint on Canvas with step-by-step instructions for you and your child together.

All professional quality materials and supplies included:

  • One 16"x20" Stretched Canvas or Two 8"x10" Smaller Canvases to create a paired art
  • Easel
  • Aprons
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paints with choices of colors

Connect with your Child (4 years and up) through an art engagement. Take home the painted canvas ready for proud display !