Dr. Rinkle Shah

Rinkle’s passion for art began early in her childhood years. She has actively participated in various school and international drawing competitions, winning numerous awards along the way. Her artwork has been featured prominently in Las Vegas.

Recently, she completed her doctorate in Australia, doing research on the phenomenology of a person with disability to cohabitate with loved ones in a home. Her studies on this from a philosophical and design perspective awarded her a doctorate degree in Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology.

Rinkle firmly believes that design and painting “enhances ones” ability to observe, connecting the mind and the heart, and to dream; all while having serious fun”. She wants to share her artistry skills to people of all ages. Working from a home-based studio, she exhibits her art in exhibitions and art walks. She also creates personalized artworks for private clients and offers celebratory services such as face painting and henna.

You may find some of her artwork exhibited in the Mill Creek City Center.


Rinkle’s artwork has been acknowledged and awarded in numerous countries. Her awards include:

  • Silver Medal by President of India
  • Urban Art Ecology Award, Brisbane, Australia.

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